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Formerly known as GladeClan’s camp, OakClan's camp is hidden from sight, built in a valley between two steep hills surrounded by an abundance of prickly bramble-bushes and berry bushes. Because it is a valley, it is prone to flash flooding and is often damp and cold. Pine trees grow around the camp, a marker for the cats of OakClan but no other cats where their home is amidst the thickets of the forest. Their camp is overrun by plant life, covered with mossy rocks, draping lichens, bushes, sprouting saplings and even herbs. It makes the job of a medicine cat much easier for OakClan, as they can often pick a collection of herbs right outside their den. A very small trickle of water runs through the camp during the wetter days of year. Many of their dens have either been formed by alcoves in rocks, cracks in the earth from quakes long ago, or dens that were created by pulling in gorse and other undergrowth into the camp. Vines and other lichens are pulled and strung between dens, cracks and boulders in the camp's walls in order to provide shade and cover. Along one of the walls in the camp, steppes of stone jut out, counting nine in total. The ninth rock is the highest, and it is where the leader of the clan will make announcements.
Strange times by Goose
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OakClan's forests are majorly made of oak and other deciduous trees, but the tallest trees in their territories are copses and patches of tall birch and aspen trees. There's a particularly large strip of these tall, thin trees along the outskirts of OakClan’s forest, surrounded by large patches of grass and bramble thickets. OakClan's forests get their name from the colors their trees take on during leaf-fall, as well as the long-lasting golden color of the aspen trees. The bark of birch and aspen trees falls off frequently, which is very soft and usable for nests and tying up bundles of herbs. Rings of edible mushrooms grow in a half-moon pattern around a majority of the trees, although they are not that good, they are great for attracting prey. In the open, thinner patches forests, large rocks and old branches are most common between the birch trees. These can be lifted up to discover grubs, worms, newts and other animals that might be worth eating during harsher months. The Gold-Leaf Woods are relatively safe most of the year, as they are covered and well-patrolled. Nevertheless, foxes and badgers will occasionally enter the territory and dig a burrow, which can become a problem- especially when they come with a family. Hazards of this territory include burrow holes, foxes & badgers, falling branches and large, ensnaring brambles, which can trap and injure a cat. Sometimes, when cats wander deep into the woods, these brambles can snare and kill. Two-legs enjoy coming to the woods during green and new-leaf, which poses a danger to the cats as they often set up fox traps and paw snares as well as set up camps with fires.
the time has come by Loafer
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Throughout the moons, OakClan's thick, evergreen forest remains bright- even during the harshest, coldest winters. Plenty of prey can be found in the territory, which is dotted by several types of herbs, meadows, clearings and fresh, ice-water streams. To the left of the woods runs an icy, fresh river that swells in spring with crisp and refreshing snowmelt. The Evergreen Woods are where OakClan gets much of their prey, as it is abundant with cover for mice, rabbits, squirrels and other burrowing animals. It's not uncommon to encounter foxes either, though they and the cats tend to avoid or tolerate each other. While prey is plentiful, the territory is ridden with dangers like deer, bears and moose, who can trample or kill a cat that isn't careful when treading around them. Mountainous herbs like lavendar grow in abundance here, as well as bright, delicious berries.
Words passed between souls lost in time by Kanna
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In the middle of OakClan's territory is a large meadow that is rather plentiful flowers and colorful berries that grow on prickly evergreen bushes. Skinny, thin trees dot the plot of land, providing some form of cover but not much. Cats that come here also must be careful, as the grass is a hot spot for garter snakes, sharp rocks and many, many different burrows that can wrench a paw if one steps too carelessly. There is little to no cover, however, and an eagle can easily pluck a smaller warrior from the ground in an instant. Prey is plentiful but difficult to catch here, as there is poor cover for cats but plenty of cover for the small creatures that burrow into the ground. It's common to find field mice, shrews, moles and rabbits nibbling on grass or snacking on the pollen of tulips during new-leaf. For unskilled and oblivious cats, they may get stung by the large population of bumblebees that can be found buzzing about, picking up nectar and spreading pollen about. For the cats with allergies, this place is a nightmare! When the wind blows just right, the scent of blooming flowers often wafts around OakClan's territory.
Happily Ever Aftering by ginger
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At the northern edge of OakClan is another stretch of hilly, open grasslands. This meadow takes after ValeClan's poppy fields, and is abundant with poppies, chamomile, and lavendar flowers. Though it also has a large amount of wildflowers and windflowers. It earned its name due to the types of plants that grow here, which relax and soothe cats or make them drowsy. The Sleepy Meadows are the perfect place to curl up and nap or to scamper about frolicing with a crush or mate. Much like the Stretching Flowerfield, however, it poses the risk of death from above. It's not uncommon to see eagles and other predatory birds circling from above, but the Sleepy Meadow has a lot more cover than Stretching Flowerfield. Rocks, bushes, old dens and thin trees provide plenty of cover in this stretch of land, making good spots to nap or relax in. Not much prey comes around here, as it's a hotspot for OakClan cats searching for a juicy bit of gossip. Thus, clear paths of trampled grass and exposed dirt cut through the tall grass and cats often see old or freshly used nests under the shade of rocks or inside bushes.
New Addition to the Medicine Den by terra
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Formerly known as Flightfoot Cavern, this cave is situated behind the waterfall next to Featherfoot cliff, and used to only be reachable by climbing in from the front. The recent blizzards and rain, however, have revealed a tunnel which collapsed, allowing easier entry from the side. The cavern is mostly one large room, with a few crevices for the medicine cat den and apprentices, and two separate, smaller caves for the nursery and elders.
Where Little Blossoms Bloom by ginger
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A dazzling expanse of snowy white feathers blanketing the ground, chock full of nests and stones, Featherfoot Cliff is a ledge of raised, sandy earth into a high cliff off-shooting from the stretch of dry valley territory. It’s sheer edge overlooks the churning ocean waters that connect all of WaveClan’s cut of territory. A rare find for resources, it homes the largest flock of gulls, pelicans, and water birds of all sorts. A nesting ground for eggs aplenty, it helps to keep WaveClan fat and full between eggs, bird meat, and fish. However, it isn’t as blissful as it may seem; in fact, it is the most dangerous location in all of WaveClan. Named after the she-warrior who lost her life to the cliffside, the piece of territory is a double-edged sword full of threats; the aggressive, massive pelicans, the unstable footing, and venomous snakes, scorpions, and spiders hidden within the crag all provide sufficient reason for the inexperienced to steer clear. As a rite of passage, it is tradition for young warriors to steal their first egg from the cliffside nests and return home without it breaking before their earn their warrior name.
How is it You Sing? by ginger
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The loveliest location in all of WaveClan, it is the largest chunk of land. A smooth, sandy white stretch of beach with a few palm trees that connects the ocean to the rest of the territories. It borders on either side of the river with OakClan and the desert, and is full of lustrous sea shells from which the clan took its name. Near the water’s edge, closer to the OakClan side, is a quaint little area with a large rock that just slightly juts away from the shore and hangs over the water; the Sunning Stone. Using this, a cat can hang off the edge of the rock easily to scoop a fish up, and several fish do often hide here due to the shadow that the rock casts over the water, perfect for what they think is protection. In the warmer seasons and midday, the rock also makes for a great place to sunbathe; with no trees around to obscure the path of the light hitting the stone, the surface and the pelt of the cat lucky enough to be on it during these times of day are warmed comfortably. The rock can fit up to two of the biggest adult cats of the clans- and, seeing how many apprentices can fit on the rock at one time, the competition could easily become a fun game of stay-on-the rock, splashing into the ocean water below. When not sunbathing, fishing, or playing, this rock also offers a wonderful view of the ocean and WaveClan’s sunlit island, dazzling young she-cats who are in love with the thought of love, or young couples who are just becoming acquainted to the idea.
A Day of Spring Fishing [Brook X Chicken] by Brook
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An island off of the coast, this used to be the home of the old ShellClan camp, but is no longer in use due to WaveClan taking in some cats who were unable to swim across the small stretch of ocean to reach the island frequently. Former ShellClan cats will often swim across the expanse of ocean to fish off of the coast of the island, finding it easier to reach bigger prey this way. Apprentices are also taken here to learn to swim against rougher tides. The opposite side of the island contains a large cliff with countless tunnels inside - the former Sun Coves. They twist and turn and are riddled with holes and paths in the smooth stone, making it quite the place to explore, climb or play in. As such, it is the preferred grounds for training apprentices. The higher holes and openings enable daylight to find it's way in and illuminates the red rock in a warm, soft color. It can also let the good climbers find a way up top to the surface, with a fall down is not too bad either as the ground is covered with fine sand within the dry caves.
Fowl Play by Goose
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As OakClan's thick forests begin to thin out, pockets of fine, white sand spring up between the vibrant green grass. The Spotted Hollow used to be a shared plot of land between ShellClan and GladeClan, although since reformation, the hollow has been claimed by WaveClan. The hollow provides them with mice and other animals that they can hunt when the ocean's creatures hide deep underwater. Small pink and white flowers grow here, also attracting the occasional bumblebee. Shrubs and the occasional tree grow along the sides of hills, which dip and roll through the spotted hollow with no rhythm. This patch of territory is also good for OakClan medicine cats to acquire seaside herbs, and for WaveClan medicine cats to get herbs that only grow in drier, deciduous territories, leading to some interesting trades.
Sunshine and Lollipops by ginger
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Neutral Territory

Halfway down the river that starts at the mountain, the water begins to widen. At its widest point, a grassy island peeks up. This island is big enough to comfortably fit all the clans. In leaf-fall, the island may expand a bit more due to frozen ice floes on the shore. The island slopes up into a steep hill, and the leaders usually sit at the top. It's dotted with bushes and rocks that make good spots for sitting or sunning. During green-leaf, waterfowl flock the island.
Moments trapped in Memory by ginger
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At the base of the mountains is an odd tunnel surrounded by flowers that seem to bloom only at night time. Inside are glow worms causing the entire tunnel to be lit up! At the very end is a large rounded gray stone with a few flowers at it's base. This is the path to StarClan. Medicine cats come here at the end of each month to speak with StarClan. Leaders also come here to get their nine lives.
Another day, another challenge by terra
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The Rangers Station is right outside OakClans territory. The tall brown buildings sit isolated hidden between trees. From it's location you can see the top of the mountain peaks! Very rarely are there any two-legs besides the occasional ranger, but there does seem to be a lot of dogs.
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Inbetween WaveClan and OakClan near the rivers and flowers are a set of cabins that are almost always empty. An occasional loner might use it for a home here and there. However, in Green-leaf and New-leaf two-legs seem to come here often with their pesky dogs and kits, posing risks for both clans. This is also the permanent home for the infamous Susan and her naked cat.
Wildflowers can't be tamed by ginger
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To the east of WaveClan's territory is a large expanse of beach, often times riddled with twolegs, especially during green-leaf. This makes it unsavory for the cats of WaveClan, who will turn away at the sight. Sometimes there are weird two-leg monsters floating in the sea. Occasionally a stray loner or rogue who lives on these monsters walks the beach as well.
Blossoming Discoverys by floralaliens
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Abandoned Territory

The site of the former PeakClan Camp, The Little Grove is a small clearing hidden away at the base of the White Tops, right next to the mouth of the river. Large thickets of winterberry bushes and scratched, old pine trees surround and loom over the camp, protecting it from the outside and making it difficult to spot. PeakClan cats had to crawl out of a tunnel of brambly, prickly bushes to leave camp the normal way. There is another exit as well in the rocky wall of camp, which is a tunnel into the caverns of the White Tops. The camp's walls are fortified by precariously stacked rocks and a slurry of clay and mud that dries & freezes over in the winter. PeakClan cats used fallen branches, lichens and other trinkets found around their territory and the twoleg nests to create a makeshift canopy over their camp, keeping kits and young warriors safe from the predatory birds that reign from above. Inside the camp is a large, old and dead evergreen tree that clings to its dried leaves. This tree provides another canopy to protect the cats inside the clan, though it's not uncommon to prick paws on dry, sharp fallen pine needles. The leader of the clan makes announcements atop a leaf-and-branch stripes section of the conifer.
The House that Built Me by ginger
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Overlooking PeakClan's old territory and extending east as far as the eye can see are tall, looming mountains. The three tallest mountains overlook PeakClan's old camp, reaching up and grazing against the clouds. The tallest mountain is in the middle, and houses an old, tall pine tree called the Ancient Keeper. This is where warriors used to travel up to in order to leave clawmarks on the tree and name themselves as full warriors of PeakClan. The mountains are almost always covered in a thick blanket of snow, and are prone to avalanches and rockslides. The river winds through the mountains here, growing wider and as ventures further into the mountains, it begins to appear frozen and sluggish. Inside the mountains is a large, winding system of large caverns and tunnels, which can provide a shortcut through different parts of the vast territory. However, it is easy to get lost, fall and get stuck in thinner parts of the tunnels. Stalactites and stalagmites are common, and pose a risk of stabbing or falling on unsuspecting cats. Inexperienced warriors are better off not entering the confusing system, though it's whispered about using the tunnels as a cheat method to reaching the Ancient Keeper quicker.
Stroke of a lightning by ginger
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ValeClan's camp was sheltered in a hollow, craggy bowl that raises up from the scalding sands of their territory. While this makes their camp obvious, it's incredibly difficult to get to without being used to the burning heat and scalding sands of ValeClan territory. Cracks and small caverns are not uncommon within their camp, and they make enough shaded space to shelter a majority of the clan. Where there used to be small dens shaded by Joshua Tree leaves and a small creek flowing into the medicine cat den, all that remains are the dips where cats would sleep outside, and the barebones structures of the old dens. In the center of their camp was a tall pile of precariously placed bones brought back from warrior trials- this is where leaders used to stand to make announcements to the clan. The camp shows very little sign of growth after said fire, and is uninhabitable for the time being.
Reconnaissance by Talis
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A small expanse of brightly colored grass and swaying orange, white, pink and red flowers covers the northeast side of the deser. The grasses and flowers are kept alive by their close proximity to the river and the tender care of ValeClan cats, who get most if not all their herbs from the patch of land. Since the fire, the size of the poppy field has reduced drastically, with only those flowers at the very edge of the river surviving. While new flowers have started to sprout around the survivors, it will take a very long time for the fields to be as big and prosperous as they once were.
fire and ice by ginger
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Long shadows casted by tall, long-dead trees dapple and coat the rolling hills of the Fire Forest. Very little plant life resides in what is called a barren wasteland by the other cats. Joshua trees from ages past reach towards the sky, gnarly and twisted with their dry, grey leaves barely clinging to the ash-blackened bark. The Fire Forest burned down long ago, scorching the ground and killing a majority of the trees, and the recent fire only solidified this. ValeClan used to hunt a majority of their prey under the cover of the Joshua trees. While the patch of territory has retained its name, it's slowly beginning to come out of the scarring that the fires had left it with.
Long Time No See by ginger
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Rolling hills and deep dunes of sand reach as far as the eye can see north of the desert. There is a distinct lack of patrolling and borders in this area, as no cat is dumb enough to wander so far into the expansive and endless desert. Vulture's Landing is home to many sun-bleached bones and is considered the hottest and most dangerous area of the old ValeClan. Closer to their camp and within the borders, large rock formations jut out of the ground. These are very spotty and sharp, hiding all kinds of dangerious animals. Scorpions, venomous snakes, and spiders reside within the hole-covered rocks, striking out at any warrior who was a touch too carefree when wandering around the dangerous area. Unfortunate creatures who die within the hot territory are picked apart by the vultures, who can be seen circling in the air and perching themselves upon rocks. While they normally aren't a threat, aggravating one can result in injury. Further in the territory, a circle of tall rocks provide enough shade to create a small alcove, where grass grows under the shade and a small trickle of water forms a small oasis for any cat who wandered a bit too far. This place used to be good for warriors who just earned their names to rest before going out again to search for a bone to bring back to camp to call themselves a full warrior of ValeClan.
Awaiting the Dawn by ginger
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Holy Grounds

In a land far away, all clan cats live at peace where no boarders separate them. Cats are said to appear at their happiest when in StarClan so many warriors appear to be younger than when they actually died. All cats who perished prior to the twoleg chemicals and while on the journey watch over their clan mates protecting them with all their might!
All's Not Fair in Love by ginger
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Far off in the distance, in a place dark and cold, cats with hearts that are colder than ice and blacker than night linger. Dead trees line fields of mist and darkness. The forests are chilly, and the cats who reside within are tormented with a lack of food and water. Cats do not appear younger here and instead appear in the way that they perished. It is said that when a cat resides in the Place of No Stars for long enough, they turn into ghoulish monsters and lose their souls. That is just a rumor, however.
Get revenge for me by Kanna
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A place which remains as a memorial to ValeClan after the fire. After braving the harsh winds and scorching heat of Vulture's Landing, warriors will come across a strange, looming pile of tall and sharp stones that all collect in a point. These rocks are mostly smooth, sanded down by the winds and grains of sand that have blown against them for so long. When one ventures in through an opening between the pointed rocks, a large space of soft desert grasses can be seen. There's also the occasional flower, and a whole host of desert shrubs and small succulents. There's a small, rocky hill to one side of the clearing, where a spring of water sprays out and fills a large pool of water in the center of the oasis. Small birds are gathered here to eat flies and other bugs that plague the waters, making it safe and clear for any parched warrior to lap up. There's an order in this territory, and while it is tempting to attack the snakes or foxes that show up to drink their fill, or to hunt the birds and mice that show up for a quick sip, it's strictly prohibited by natural order. ValeClan cats were taught from a young age to respect and avoid harming any creature that passes through the Oasis of Pointed Stones, as they are all seeking one thing- shade and water. It's said that cats who violate the truce will be cursed with bad luck for the rest of their lives.
Extinguished flame by ginger
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A place which remains as a memorial to PeakClan after the fire, and the dangers that avalanches can bring. This tree was the place that PeakClan cats who had just earned their names would trek up to reach, before scoring their claws across the gnarled oak, thereby marking themselves as a true warrior of PeakClan and earning their names once and for all. This tree is tucked away, therefore surviving the avalanches that tore PeakClan apart, and as such was chosen as the memorial for the lost Clan.
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