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This is where you come to create your character! Before making your character, please make sure you've read the encouragements/discouragements thread. Please use the form provided. All bios will be accepted within 24 hours of it being posted.
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The hardest camp to get to, if you are not a member of Shellclan or natural lover of water, and thus, the hardest to attack, Shellclan camp is placed on a little island off the coast of the Salt Shoals. Crowned with a bed of soft grass beneath a grove of palm trees and dusted with white sand beaches on all sides, it is like a spot out of a dream. With their camp surrounded by the babble of the water, Shellclan is often at peace here, and with it not open for attack, their dens are not the strongest ones. However, they often do not linger in them long, instead coming to lay on the soft, sandy grounds and catch the rays from the sun if they have time to rest. The few dens that Shellclan does have, though, are large burrows and alcoves formed between the red stones and fallen palm trunks, enough to house all of their warriors and apprentices, and medicine cats, as well as a nursery between the two first mentioned. One downfall to having a island-bound home, despite all of its safeties, is a clear one: during storms and several days of rain, their camp and dens can get flooded- although, if this happens, Shellclan will often seek higher grounds in the Sun Coves adjacent to their home, only coming down when the water has lowered once more.
Troll in the Dungeon by mewmehh
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The crooked tunnels and caves of Shellclan’s island mountain are quite the sight; the paths shift in size and can go from barely fitting one cat to turning into a wide open coves and caverns. They twist and turn and are riddled with holes and paths in the smooth stone, making it quite the place to explore, climb or play in. As such, it is the preferred grounds for training apprentices. The higher holes and openings enable daylight to find it's way in and illuminates the red rock in a warm, soft color. It can also let the good climbers find a way up top to the surface, with a fall down is not too bad either as the ground is covered with fine sand within the dry caves. Although they are spectacular, mysterious and bit romantic, one should always be careful that they don't get lost and younger cats should never be left alone in there.
krabbies and the kingler by perse
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The loveliest location in all of Shellclan, it is the largest chunk of land. A smooth, sandy white stretch of beach with a few palm trees that connects the ocean to the rest of the territories. It borders on either side of the river with Gladeclan and Valeclan, and is full of lustrous sea shells from which the clan took its name. Near the water’s edge, closer to the Gladeclan side, is a quaint little area with a large rock that just slightly juts away from the shore and hangs over the water; the Sunning Stone. Using this, a cat can hang off the edge of the rock easily to scoop a fish up, and several fish do often hide here due to the shadow that the rock casts over the water, perfect for what they think is protection. In the warmer seasons and midday, the rock also makes for a great place to sunbathe; with no trees around to obscure the path of the light hitting the stone, the surface and the pelt of the cat lucky enough to be on it during these times of day are warmed comfortably. The rock can fit up to two of the biggest adult cats of the clans- and, seeing how many apprentices can fit on the rock at one time, the competition could easily become a fun game of stay-on-the rock, splashing into the ocean water below. When not sunbathing, fishing, or playing, this rock also offers a wonderful view of the ocean and Shellclan’s sunlit island, dazzling young she-cats who are in love with the thought of love, or young couples who are just becoming acquainted to the idea.
Everything the Light Touches by Broadwaykat
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A dazzling expanse of snowy white feathers blanketing the ground, chock full of nests and stones, Featherfoot Cliff is a ledge of raised, sandy earth into a high cliff off-shooting from Valeclan’s stretch of dry valley territory. It’s sheer edge overlooks the churning ocean waters that connect all of Shellclan’s cut of territory. A rare find for resources, it homes the largest flock of gulls, pelicans, and water birds of all sorts. A nesting ground for eggs aplenty, it helps to keep Shellclan fat and full between eggs, bird meat, and fish. However, it isn’t as blissful as it may seem; in fact, it is the most dangerous location in all of Shellclan. Named after the she-warrior who lost her life to the cliffside, the piece of territory is a double-edged sword full of threats; the aggressive, massive pelicans, the unstable footing, and venomous snakes, scorpions, and spiders hidden within the crag all provide sufficient reason for the inexperienced to steer clear. As a rite of passage, it is tradition for young warriors to steal their first egg from the cliffside nests and return home without it breaking before their earn their warrior name.
Dare Not Disappoint by howpunderful
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The camp borders the poppy fields since this is the only place herbs and water are. They have an open crag-like camp with little cracks and shafts as dens. There is a small trickle of water that flows into the medicine cat's den. It drips from the ceiling and is believed that the river may have flowed here at one point. The leader climbs up a fallen Joshua tree to a large rock that over looks the clearing to make announcements.
Full House by stray
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The poppy fields is the only place that appears to be green in Valeclan's territory. There is a small part of the river that trickles through here and it is right next to their camp. Herbs are abundant here as well. There is a small group of Joshua trees that create a clearing area where apprentices may train. It is best to avoid the poppy flowers no matter how pretty they look! Otherwise you may become VERY sleepy. The poppy fields borders Peakclan territory.
Pushing Poppies { C } by Kanna
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Fire forest is quite a unique place, and a lot of the prey is caught here! There are lots of Joshua trees, and just as many scorched trees that burned many many moons ago. The area is so dry that nothing has grown back. There are some patches of desert grass, but it's mostly sand and hill formations. It can get warm here fast as there isn't really adequate shelter. The Fire forest borders ShellClan territory.
Watch your Tail by ginger
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Vulture's landing is the driest place in Valeclan's territory. It is an endless desert for as far as the eyes can see. There are some rocky formations but be careful! Snakes and scorpions like to hide here. Unfortunately, this place is riddled with bones and vultures like to pick off the weak and deceased creatures here. This is where apprentices come to find their bones for their warrior ceremony! This area is rarely patrolled as it is quite dangerous.
fly me to the moon by Kanna
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Glade's camp starts with a dip in the meadow. As one ventures further in, the camp, surrounded my brambles and moss-covered rocks, will grow more obvious. There are many small plants, lichens, and bushes that thrive around here. The dens are cracks in the ground from an earthquake long ago . Vines are strung and wedged between boulders to create a makeshift cover. Leaders can make announcements on top of the highest boulder.
literal garbage child by bits
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The large river curves right into Gladeclan territory. The water grows more shallow and marsh-like as one approaches. Cattails, sea lavender, and lily-pads are plentiful. An absentminded cat might get their tail pinched by a crab! If one is up for the challenge, there are a lot of large birds to hunt here.
Glade cats are the closest to Gathering Island.
The Gleaming Water Taketh by stormuwu
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This is the northern border of Gladeclan that is shared with Peakclan. Beautiful wildflower blooms are a common occurrence, though the field quickly turns brown in colder weather. Mice and other various prey and bountiful, and so are bumblebees. For the less fortunate cats, this field is a nightmare for pollen-related allergies. The smell of flowers sometimes drifts towards camp, if the wind blows just right.
A Bizarre Meeting by continlula
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Gladeclan shares this plot of land with Shellclan. Small bushes spot the hilly ground that dips and rolls with absolutely no rhythm. Pockets of sand, including quicksand, are common. Watch your step. A few skinny trees are also present.
Fire When Ready by Broadwaykat
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Peakclan’s camp, also known as The Little Grove, is nestled in between the base of the White Tops and the mouth of the river. A cat must crawl through a thicket of winterberries and pine trees to get into the camp. It is kept relatively warm from the wind, but snow can leak into the center area. Dens are constructed of hollow logs and pine needles and the leader makes announcements from a pine stump.
Whiteout by Broadwaykat
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Here, the pine trees never shed their foliage. Prey runs plentiful, but watch out for bears, deer, and moose. Each tree in Peak territory is marked with claws, some even higher up so than usual to show off climbing skills. A river snakes towards the side of the woods; the water is fresh from the White Top's snowmelts and tastes delicious. If one is fast, they may catch a salmon.
straying from the flock by stray
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Three mountains guard over Peakclan’s territory; two smaller ones and a larger one in the middle. On the middle mountain is a tall pine tree named Ancient Keeper. The Ancient Keeper is covered in every warrior’s scratch marks, as is done during a new warrior’s ceremony. It is not smart to go here alone, and during LeafBare, may be a death wish. Following the river through where the mountains split leads to a Twoleg area where snow monsters are abundant.
grace period by sleektail
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Peakclan shares this flowery meadow with Gladeclan. Wildflowers sprout as far as the eye can see in LeafGreen and go barren in LeafFall. This is the perfect place to take a nap or frolick with a crush. On the Peakclan side, the meadow is covered with a thin layer of snow that tapers off as one ventures closer to the Gladeclan border. There are very little trees in this side of Peakclan's territory.
A Snowy Patrol by mewmehh
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Unclaimed Territory

Off of Shellclan's territory is a large stretch of beach. Sometimes it can be riddled with two-legs but only during green-leaf. Sometimes there are weird two-leg monsters floating in the sea. Occasionally a stray loner or rogue who lives on these monsters walks the beach as well.
A stranger turned friend? or foe? by Amber
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Inbetween ShellClan and Gladeclan near the rivers and flowers are a set of cabins that are almost always empty. An occasional loner might use it for a home here and there. However, in Green-leaf and New-leaf two-legs seem to come here often with their pesky dogs and kits.
Unlikely Interaction by pants
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The Rangers Station is right outside Gladeclans territory. The large brown buildings sits isolated hidden between trees. From it's location you can see the top of the mountain peaks! Very rarely are their any two-legs besides the occasional ranger, but there does seem to be a lot of dogs.
Hey, Kaiya [sabs] by sabs
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The Ski lodge is on the other side of Peakclan's territory. It's a nice wooden lodge with lots of pine trees. This lodge gets busy in LeafFall and Leafbare with lots of two-legs! The lodge has it's own mascot as well! There is a white kittypet named Marshmellow who can be seen on the inside sitting on a bench near the lodge's fireplace! He rarely moves from that spot unless he's hungry!
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Holy Grounds

At the base of Peakclans territory is an odd tunnel surrounded by flowers that seem to bloom only at night time. Inside are glow worms causing the entire tunnel to be lit up! At the very end is a large rounded gray stone with a few flowers at it's base. This is the path to StarClan. Medicine cats come here at the end of each month to speak with StarClan. Leaders also come here to get their nine lives.
Who Helps Heal the Healers? by Broadwaykat
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Halfway down the river that starts at Peakclan's territory, the water begins to widen. At its widest point, a grassy island peeks up. This island is big enough to comfortably fit all the clans. In LeafFall, the island may expand a bit more due to frozen ice floes on the shore. The island is shaped like a hill, and the leaders usually sit at the top.
moving forward by perse
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In a land far away, all clan cats live at peace where no boarders seperate them. Cats are said to appear at their happiest when in Starclan so many warriors appear to be younger than when they actually died. All cats who perished prior to the two-leg chemicals, and on the journey watch over their clan mates protecting them with all their might!
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Far off in the distance, in a place dark and cold, cats with hearts that aren't pure watch! Dead trees line fields of mist and darkness. It also appears to be very cold here. Cats do not appear younger hear and retain the looks they had when they died. It is said that when a cat goes to the dark forest their eyes turn black and their soul goes cold. That is just a rumor however.
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Out of Character

This is the place to post your art shop and FAD-related creations.
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